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Once the iPad 2 was released, the amount of news coverage about the device was unprecedented. Millions of people have already purchased it. Some people tend to love it, while others find that it doesn't have enough advantages over the original iPad.

First off, let's consider the changes that have come with the new iPad 2. One of the biggest one is of course the size. The new device is thinner and sleeker, and significantly lighter as well. This is of course the trend for technological devices these days. Every next generation of a device is almost always smaller than the last, so no one can complain about that. The sizes of the displays are identical as well.

The main advantage the iPad 2 has over the original is the processing speed. The first iPad has a single core 1Ghz Apple processor, while the iPad 2 sports a 1Ghz dual core processor. Most consumers have been raving about this feature, as the iPad 2 is significantly faster than its predecessor, and this makes perfect sense. Dual core processors allow much better multitasking, and this can be very important if you plan to play a game while listening to music at the same time for example.

There are a few main features about the iPad 2 which really sway people into buying the new product. For example, the new version sports a front facing camera as well as a rear facing one. This is great for applications like video conferencing or video blogging since you can watch yourself in the video as you make it. Also, the cameras supposedly are much more effective and run more smoothly thanks to the speedier processor of the iPad 2.

Unfortunately there have been a lot of bad reviews on the iPad 2, saying that there aren't enough new features and upgrades to make it worth it. Considering the device is just as expensive as the original iPad was, this upgrade may not be worth it for many people. The future tablet personal computer to really keep your eye on will be the iPad 3 for sure. As of now, only rumors exist about what the upcoming tablet will feature, however there is a lot of news about it being the next major advancement in the iPad series of tablets.

If you are considering purchasing one of the series of iPads that are currently available, make sure to do some extensive research and know what you are buying before you spend the money. It may be best to just wait another several months or so for more information on the iPad 3, but if you have to have one now then the iPad 2 may be the best choice for you. Keep in mind iPad 2 accessories are still being developed also, and while there are still currently many for sale, it will be awhile before the best iPad 2 accessories are released and available for purchase.

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