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Actually, tablet devices are not a new technology at all as they were first around 1980 but then it was not in trend like today. Apple has made a big difference by making the screen to be more effective with using ones finger instead of a stylus. And also the multi-point touch screen that makes the tablet to be easier and more friendly to the user.

As iPad sold a lot last year, it has enticed the other giant technology companies to jump down to the tablet market and start fighting with Apple. We could expect that this year 2011 is going to be the year of tablet.

Many people may think that the tablet is just another IT toy. It is not. The performance of the tablet today could allow you to work on your documents very easily. You can also connect to the Internet by using EDGE, GPRS, 3G or WIFI to check your E-mail making a video call. Somebody may think that the screen size is too small. You can believe that the new tablet in the market will come with the HDMI port to allow you to connect it to a large screen. Some of them already came with the sliding style which mean, if you need to use a keyboard or a mouse then you can have it. (Or even an on screen keyboard!) Also, these tablet devices can make your presentation in a coffee shop more interesting.

I believe that this year is going to be the year of tablet device. A lot of IT manufacturing is already set to send their tablet to the market. Apple is set to launch iPad 2 before April. Dell already has released the Dell Inspiron Duo which it is a netbook that you can turn the screen to the other side and make it to be a pure tablet! Asus just released the Eee Pad that you can slide to have a keyboard. Toshiba is about to release a tablet with a bigger screen than the iPad with Android (Honeycomb) plus HDMI and USB ports. Even BlackBerry already released the BlackBerry Playbook to the market.

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