Beep Sound (Beep Error Code) at the Computer BIOS

The sound of "beep" more than once is there any sign of error or failure error process in your computer. The sound "beep" once during the boot process after the appearance of the startup message is normal and there is no failure, but if during the POST procedure was not completed and there is no any information shown later heard "beep" over and over again this is probably problematic. 

Code "beep" depending BIOS and BIOS type you have, the popular ones are AMI (American BIOS) and the Award BIOS.

1x Long beep sound
There is the possibility of death or the RAM installed incorrectly, causing DRAM refresh failure.

2x beep sound
Parity circuit failure. At the time of the transmitted data in the computer, usually added parity bit which is used to detect errors. Work carried out a series of parity on the computer. This probably caused by a problem with memory or mainboard.

3x beep sound
Base 64K memory failure, failure is usually caused by a memory slot grouped into modules that have damaged the chip. Base 64K memory is 64 KB of memory on the RAM first.

4x beep sound
Timer system failure, there is the possibility of errors in one or more timer is used to control functions on the motherboard.

5x beep sound
Processor failure, can be caused by excessive heat, or because the process does not inserted correctly into socket.

6x beep sound
Failure keyboar controller / gate A20, the keyboard controller is a chip on motherboard that controls your keyboard

7x beep sound
reading error processor possibility of damage to the processor

8x beep sound
error read / write memory display

9x beep sound
Damage BIOS

10x beep sound
CMOS Error

11x beep sound
Damage to the memory cache


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