Dell Streak 7 Tablet PC Specification Summary

The Dell Streak 7 slate computer came to market in 2011 and is a mid-range Android tablet offering many features.

Key selling features: 

- Nvidia Tegra2 (Dual Cortex A9) processor: The processor will be a critical component of a tablet PC because it's the central processing unit of the tablet PC. Least powerful processors can cope with basic slate PC apps but can freeze or slow the software when you have more than a few of programmes running simultaneously. Poorer processors can struggle with high definition videos. This is a fairly powerful processor for a tablet.

- 1 GHz processor speed: The processor's speed will be measured in GigaHertz, the highest speeds indicate how able the processor could be at achieving tasks. Again the speed here is good.

- 512MB RAM: Random Access Memory is the memory capacity that a tablet utilises in order to hold data when it's utilised and typically the contents are lost when a slate PC is switched off. Almost akin to short-term memory utilised for processing, this is restricted so it is better to get as much RAM as possible. The RAM on the Dell Streak 7 is acceptable for the tasks it needs to do.

- 7 inch screen size: Tablet PC devices are predominantly sized between 7- and 10-inches (measured diagonally). 10-inch slate PC devices offer a more expansive display therefore will be easier to use for tasks including web browsing, viewing videos and playing games. The 7-inch slates are not so big so you have a slightly more portable tablet device that can drop in to your jacket pocket, but the trade off is that images and text becomes somewhat harder to see on the tablet PC display. The 10-inch slates will be naturally weightier in comparison with 7-inch slates.

- Capacitive multi-touch screen type: Capacitive slate PC displays will be more responsive to swipes with a finger on your tablet's screen compared to resistive screens, however this type of screen is considerably more expensive. The Alternative is a resistive screen that will not be as responsive, but users have the option to try to use a stylus and this can improve its use.

- 800 x 480 pixels screen resolution: The best screen resolutions provide you the most pixels on a display with a sharp images. This is weakness of the Dell Streak 7 as this resolution is not high and therefore you can expect grainy images.

- Android 2.2 operating system: The operating system can be described as the software which takes a user's tablet unit and transforms the device into a usable computer that you can use avoiding substantial levels of technical expertise. In the slate PC market the best recalled operating systems will be Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. Android 2.2 is a relatively recent OS but is also not built specifically tablets so it's ok but not as good as more recent versions of Android.

- 16 GB storage memory: Longterm memory will keep larger amounts of data and files such as documents, music and videos - storage memory can also store these files even when your tablet PC is powered down. Largely you will possess some form of storage memory built-in and the latest slate PCs on the market are offering anywhere around 16GB and 64GB. The greater the GBs of storage memory a user gets the more you are able to hold on the device although there is often a cost to get this. If a user has a laptop computer then you can switch documents and files between devices

- Port for a Micro SD card: The MicroSD card slot will mean a user is able to add a MicroSD card with additional memory in order to keep files which could include music and videos. By doing this it will be possible to extend a tablet PC's total capacity.

- 3G / 4G capable connectivity: A tablet's connectivity is in reference to how many options the slate PC possesses for getting online to the World Wide Web. The most basic option is a tablet with only WiFI connectivity, that might well be appropriate for a significant proportion of users but restricts the alternatives to get online to only when you're in close proximity to a Wireless hotspot. If you aren't close to a WiFi hotspot and you'd like to attach to a mobile data network then you'll want a 3G slate PC. Modern slate PCs can give an option to connect to the speedier 4G data network as this network becomes prevalent in future years.

- No USB port: USB ports will allow for many things such as the ability to add peripheral devices - plugging in a printer, a mouse, or any other USB attachment. Equally, a user can use a USB stick as an external storage device that is loaded with files (such as videos) without taking up most of the space on the slates internal memory.

- 5MP Rear / 1.3MP WebCam camera: The possibilities on offer will are a front-facing WebCam for services such as Skype and a rear-facing camera for taking stills and/or video. The higher the resolution (megapixels) of a WebCam, the greater the quality of the picture or video. The Dell Streak 7 comes with both a front-facing WebCam and a rear-facing camera.

- 4 hours battery life: More battery power is desirable if a user is on a long journey. Shorter battery life ultimately means there is reduced mobility of a slate PC and ultimately these devices are designed to work as mobile computers. The Dell Streak 7 has a short battery life for a tablet at 4 hours.

-0.45 kgs weight: The weight of the slate PC is important, the lighter a slate PC can be, the easier it is to hold in one hand for typing with the other or for reading content (websites, ebooks etc.). This tablet is light.
The Dell Streak 7 is an ok tablet let down by weak battery and a low pixel resolution screen. It does however have a strong processor, good quality screen, cameras and connects to the powerful 4G network.


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